Safe Openings

You use a safe to protect especially valuable belongings from theft and harm. Sometimes, though, the very impenetrability of a safe backfires. Bolts get stuck, combinations get lost and safes are rendered unusable. If you’re dealing with this kind of thing and live in or near Boston, Always Faithful Locksmith has you covered. We are the local experts when it comes to opening safes quickly and effectively, and we pride ourselves on getting the job done on the spot. Why deal with headache and frustration? A quick call to Always Faithful Locksmith can remedy the situation for you in no time. Call us now at 617-634-2744.

We Open All Safes

Perhaps you think your safe is a lost cause. It’s true that some locksmiths can only open certain types of safes, but Always Faithful Locksmith does them all. Whether you have a security safe, a gun safe, a fireproof safe, a locked filing cabinet or media center or some other type of safe, we can get it open again and back in good working order before you know it. Our technicians are familiar with safes of all kinds, and they know all the tricks. When you hire us, you can be sure the job will be done correctly and immediately.

We Handle All Issues

Why are you unable to open your safe? Whether you lost the combination or are dealing with some sort of mechanical issue, Always Faithful Locksmith is here to help. Our technicians have seen it all, and they’re armed with the best tools, equipment and technologies. As disheartening and stressful as it is to deal with a safe that won’t open, a single call to Locksmith Company will get the ball rolling on a prompt, effective solution. No matter how hopeless the situation may seem, we will get to the bottom of it and set things straight before you know it.

The Best Safe Opening Methods

There are all kinds of ways to open a safe. Naturally, having the key or combination is the ideal way to go. Unfortunately, these methods don’t always work. Combinations are sometimes forgotten, and keys are often lost. Even if you know the combination or have the key, the safe may be broken in a way that makes opening it without special equipment downright impossible. Our techs are well-versed in all the best, most proven safe opening techniques, and they’ll have it all sorted out straight away.

The Best Tools and Techniques

We arm our talented locksmiths with the finest safe-opening tools. Upon arriving, a technician will thoroughly assess your safe to pinpoint the problem. Depending on what he discovers, he may try one of several options. In the case of a combination safe, the classic manipulation method, which involves listening for specific sounds while turning the knob, may suffice. Sometimes, safes need to be drilled open. Fortunately, we can then repair the safe to put it back in good working order.

The Most Dependable Safe Opening Services in Boston

If you just need your safe to be opened, Always Faithful Locksmith can take care of it in a matter of minutes in most cases. While we’re at it, though, you might considering upgrading your safe to make it, well, safer. Our techs can switch from a dial to a keypad, which will largely eliminate many common issues. Even if you don’t want any extra services, we will be out there right away and should be able to open your safe on the spot. Even if you’re not dealing with a stuck safe now, you might in the future. Keep our number handy, and call us when you need us! Phone: 617-634-2744